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Welcome to VNOC – the cutting-edge platform and network that harnesses the power of blockchain technology, premium URL's, innovative business models (Ecorp®), and connected networks (Contrib) to empower you to build, manage, and monetize your digital assets like never before.


Discover VNOC Core Features

Our Core Features

These core features define what VNOC is today and what VNOC will be tomorrow. Join us and define the future of domaining.


Nurture Your Brand

Effortlessly manage your digital assets and foster secure collaboration among your teams and contributors using VNOC's advanced Brand Management tools.


Monetize with Flexibility

Unlock your brand's potential through flexible domain monetization features that optimize referrals and network ad optimization, providing a tailored approach to revenue generation.


Find Talent, Build Brilliance

Effortlessly find, hire, and collaborate with talented individuals within the Contrib network, fueling your brand's growth and success.


Companies: Simplify Management

Create and manage companies seamlessly with VNOC's single-panel interface, streamlining portfolio oversight and empowering efficient management.


Blockchain Empowerment

Harness the power of blockchain by pushing your digital assets through our eShares protocol. Offer fractional ownership and smart equity, all while efficiently managing contributions via Contrib.


Streamlined Communication

VNOC offers versatile communication tools that integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow, enabling dynamic engagement with visitors and contributors.


Master Vertical Management

Turn visitors into engaged contributors with VNOC's proven frameworks, meticulously designed to drive interaction and growth within your brand.


Unleash Network Effects

VNOC's integrated People Network and customized apps create dynamic network effects within your asset portfolio, ensuring efficient management of leads, contributors, and team members, all from one intuitive panel.


Social Impact, Simplified

Experience the ease of VNOC's Social Suite application, streamlining content creation, management, and distribution across all social platforms with a single action.


Contrib Network

Utilize the Contrib Network to allow individuals to contribute value to your venture via internal contrib apps. Connect with professionals, optimize workflow, and drive collaboration.


Blockchain Management

Empower your ventures with RealtyDAO, our integrated tokenization platform. Transform real estate and assets into digital tokens on the blockchain. Offer fractional ownership (smart equity) while managing contributions via Contrib.


Flexible Stack

Bring your own stack or use ours. VNOC is flexible to enable localized growth between portfolios.

Join A Community of Founders

Join Our Network ofVisionaries

Become part of VNOC's diverse community, where your skills, expertise, and ideas matter. Choose from our selection of 30 unique roles and contribute at your own pace to high-growth, high-potential digital assets. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an up-and-coming talent, VNOC welcomes you to collaborate, lead, and make an impact.


Top Domainers

Concierge onboarding for founders with excellent and premium digital assets.


Budding Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Get matched with endless possibilies and projects.

AI Brand Solutions

Tokenized Smart Venture Builder

Transform $9 domains into thriving businesses with VNOC's intuitive Brand Builder. Utilize customizable frameworks and tap into the expertise of our Developer Network to elevate your ventures effortlessly.

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Blockchain Tools


Data Management


Venture Builder

Blockchain Asset Management

Leverage the potential of blockchain through our integrated RealtyDAO feature. RealtyDAO enables tokenization on the blockchain, transforming real estate and assets into digital tokens.

Push a digital asset to the blockchain with internal smart Solidity contracts. Allow VNOC to allocate fractions of digital assets (eShares) to Contributors via our Blockchain Asset Marketplace.


Trusted by Top Domainers.

VNOC empowers you to make informed decisions:Build Ventures: Start from scratch or utilize our frameworks to create innovative projects. Sell Ventures: Explore opportunities to monetize and divest your ventures as needed. Partner Ventures: Collaborate with experts and like-minded professionals to drive shared success. Co-Own Ventures: Embrace co-ownership models that leverage the strength of collective expertise.


Premium Assets




Successful Exits


Experience the Power of Collaboration is the embodiment of VNOC's commitment to collaboration and empowerment. It's where your ideas meet the expertise of our vibrant community, resulting in projects that transcend expectations. Join hands with contributors who are as passionate about your success as you are, and experience the transformative potential of VNOC's Contribution Network. Welcome to a world where collaboration isn't just a buzzword; it's the driving force behind your digital triumphs.


Join and Manage Your Digital Assets In One Platform

Empowering Digital Ventures: Unleash the Potential of Your Domains with VNOC's Next-Gen Blockchain Solutions.



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How does VNOC work?minus

VNOC integrates advanced technologies such as blockchain, AI, and a suite of tools to provide a single platform for domain management, content creation, team collaboration, task automation, and more. It enables users to streamline their digital asset activities and maximize their potential.

Can I Use VNOC for any digital asset?plus

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Client’s Testimonials

VNOC – the cutting-edge platform and network that harnesses the power of blockchain technology, premium URL's, innovative business models (Ecorp®), and connected networks (Contrib) to empower you to build, manage, and monetize your digital assets like never before.

Catherine Sicuya

Project Manager @ Tooreal Solutions


I am thrilled to share my experience with VNOC, a truly cutting-edge platform that has completely transformed the way I manage and monetize my digital assets. From the moment I started using VNOC, I was captivated by its innovative approach, leveraging the power of blockchain technology, premium URL's, the revolutionary Ecorp® business model, and the interconnected networks through Contrib.

Seph AL Pine

Founter @ Camella Soft


One of the most striking features of VNOC is its utilization of blockchain technology. This advanced technology ensures security, transparency, and immutability in managing digital assets. Knowing that my assets are protected by the robust security of blockchain technology has given me peace of mind like never before.

Lulu Conde

SEO Manager @ Damian Corp


Contrib, the interconnected network within VNOC, has been instrumental in expanding my reach and connections within the digital realm. The ability to collaborate with like-minded individuals and businesses has opened doors to opportunities I would have never imagined. Contrib truly embodies the spirit of community and collaboration, fostering an environment where innovation flourishes.